Our Basic Terms

Your Pricing margin band is up to:

  • 40% for Signature Gifts Products
  • 50% for Signature PG products

Please note some products may not achieve this margin level

For full product cost details refer to price sheet - click here

Pricing shown in this portal are set at your cost price.

Your account is set up to pay by credit card.

At the end of each order this portal will link to a secure payment page. We use Secure Trading, a payment service provider who process payments by credit and debit card in real-time across the internet. Their e-payment network uses digital signatures and strong encription to ensure that all sensitive information is protected throughout the payment process.

A full order receipt is given at the end of each order which can be printed off or saved.

You will be sent an email confirming your order has been successfully recieved, If this does not happen, please contact us immediately on:

t:03300 699 900
f:01582 469 248

If you have any payment or card querys, please contact our sales Dept:

t:03300 699 900
f:01582 469 248

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